Welcome to Period Coaching School!

You’re in the right place if you, or your clients menstruate. Enroll in Period Coaching School to turn your passion for periods into profit! Improve the lives of your clients, improve the lives of women and menstruators, make the world a better place, and, importantly, build a business you're proud of! Let's end pain, confusion, embarrassment and shame. Let's educate, love up, and create radical self-cycle-love!

Why Period Coaching?

A Taboo No More

For thousands of years periods have been taboo. We’ve lost so much knowledge in those centuries of silence.

It’s time to undo the damage and learn how to use our cycle superpowers! Everything we do, the way we work with our menstruating clients, the homework we give, impacts hormonal balance. Good or bad, there’s no neutral. That means if we don’t have this knowledge, we’re most likely unintentionally harming our menstruating clients. This is why Period Coaching School is essential, we need this education to go viral!

A New World to Create

Unlock the transformative power of aligning with your (and/or your clients) menstrual cycle! Join us and become a pioneer in the Period Coaching field. Embrace the wisdom of cyclical living and create success that resonates on a deeper level with your clients. Welcome to a supportive global community where ancient wisdom meets modern science, ushering in a new era of holistic well-being. Seize the opportunity to lead the way in integrating menstrual awareness into coaching practices. Enroll in Period Coaching School now to embark on a journey of empowerment and enlightenment!

Period Coaching School is Born

So many clients end up feeling depleted, like they’ve failed, set back weeks or months, simply because it was the wrong work for the wrong time in their cycle. I also watched coaches burn out, flail wildly, re-niech, re-design, re-brand over and over again – not because they were doing the wrong work, but because they were fighting their own flow.

My clients were coaches of all kinds, so I worked with their flow in their business. Together we balanced their business and hormones. When we saw those results, every one of them started working with their clients flow. The results were remarkable. PMS was eliminated, marriages were saved, businesses expanded… I realized this education is essential, desperately needed, and I couldn’t do it alone. I need you!

Now it’s your turn….


Turn your desire to help into a fully aligned business with Period Coaching. Do no harm and create deeper, longer term success for you and your clients.


Join a global community of coaches who are learning and discovering the power in periods together. This supportive community cheers each other on and supports each other in life and in business.


This is the future. We are the bridge between old and new. We are bringing ancient wisdom and current science together to recreate what it means to be truly whole and healthy.


Be your own boss, and have fun doing something you know makes a difference in the world.


And, of course, let your passion for periods lead to profit!

Pioneers in Period Coaching

 We created Period Coaching, we are the first and only of our kind. Because of this we aren’t just a menstrual educator, we’re also a business school. So, come co-create a powerful future for all menstruators around the world!

Gain Knowledge & Confidence

We believe everyone needs a coach. Someone who is in our corner, cheering, guiding, educating. There are as many kinds of coaches as there are people in the world, but the one thing we have in common here is menstruation. No matter what kind of coaching you do, or want to do, if you or your clients menstruate you need this knowledge.

This is a wide-open field. Think back 20 years ago, when Health Coaching had just started. No one knew what it was, but people knew they needed it. Now it’s a flourishing industry, with many schools, different systems, and infinite possibilities.

Period Coaching School certificate of completion

Period Coaching is starting HERE. This is the first school, and we are the leaders of the industry. Becoming a part of the Period Coaching School you will be creating a better future for the entire world.

Menstruation will no longer be taboo. One day everyone – and I mean every human on earth – will understand it, and use it to their advantage. Everyone will see the power in our periods! It begins with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Period Coach?

A Period Coach is a coach who incorporates menstrual cycles into their practice. From the intake form or health history, to the homework you assign at the end of sessions, factoring in your clients cycle is critical.

A Period Coach can also be someone who specializes in menstrual related issues. Examples are a PMS Coach, Fertility Coach, or even combining things such as a PMS for Moms Coach, or Lyme & Endometriosis Coach. There are an infinite number of combinations, there’s such a dramatic NEED for this!

What will I learn?

You will learn how the menstrual cycle is supposed to work, the most common problems, and how to support your clients cycles. You will learn how to live a cyclical lifestyle, how to run your business with flow -even if you don’t menstruate yourself-, what to look for in your clients, and how to incorporate Period Coaching into your coaching business.

What are the requirements?

To receive your certificate of completion you need to prepare a presentation to the students. There’s is a guide to help you and of course our community to support you. The goal is not to make it impossible but to show that you can research properly and create coherent content that you can communicate to others. You must also have finished payments.

Woman, menstruator, isn't that the same thing?

No! Turns out you don’t have to identify as woman to menstruate. And not all women menstruate. So in general I like to be specific and use the word menstruators. I’m a feminist and believe we need to focus on women’s equality – including trans women. So I use woman as well. If you want to help women and you aren’t a trans exclusionary person then you’re welcome here!

Do I need to be menstruating to be a Period Coach?

No, you don’t. You will be asked to live a cyclical life using the moon as your guide instead of a menstrual cycle. It’s about changing your mindset, moving away from the linear structure into a cyclical structure.

Do I need to identify as a woman to be a Period Coach?

No, you don’t. Everyone should learn this and no matter how you identify if you’re coaching people who menstruate you need to learn this information. You will be asked to live a cyclical life using the moon as your guide instead of a menstrual cycle while in School. It’s about learning the benefits and practicalities of a cyclical lifestyle.

What if I have period problems?

That’s ok! I have period problems! I have endometriosis, it’s the whole reason I thought of and created this school. During the year you’ll learn ways to help alleviate, maybe even eliminate your symptoms. Many of our students have problems, from PMDD to perimenopause, those perceived weaknesses are actually our strength – and that’s the message you’ll be taking to your clients too!

Is this a Coaching Certification?

Yes and no. We are not a broad coaching certification school, we are specialized. Most of our students have a coaching certification of some sort already. However you don’t need one, it is not required. We have group calls, Q&As, and community to practice our coaching skills and business skills. If you feel you need more practice, or advice, simply ask the community! We are close to offering ICF training so you can be a certified International Coaching Federation coach as well as a certified Period Coach, once that is ready all our alumni will be invited to finish their certification process if they’d like to, but not required to. If you meet the requirements you will have your Period Coaching Certificate of completion at the end of your school year.

Stay in Flow with me: