Period Presents from Stasha & the Elves

Charting Mandala

WHY should you be using this Charting Mandala?

 Top 5 Reasons:

  1. Get to know your cycle ~ This mandala is a short easy meditation you can do everyday that will unlock so many Ah-Ha’s you don’t even know you’re waiting for them yet.
  2. Mood Swings ~ Knowing where you are in your cycle and when those mood swings kick in can make ALL the difference in your day. Not just for you but everyone around you too!
  3. Cravings ~ They strike when we least expect them! Or do they? Using this PDF you can know when cravings are coming so you can be prepared!
  4. Connect with the Moon ~ She influences your period, and your energy. We ladies have such a deep connection with the moon, but we rarely pay attention. Let’s connect!
  5. Intuition ~ She’s there, but it’s hard to hear her. Charting will help you connect to your intuition and trust her! You’ve always heard about “Women’s Intuition” but didn’t really feel like you could trust yours. This chart will change that!
Endo flare checklist by stasha the period coach for managing endo pain

Flow Into Money

Manifesting and Menstrual Cycles Masterclass

There is a deep and powerful relationship between money, manifestation, and our cycles. 

Increase your income, magnify your manifesting, increase those sales conversions, without adding stress, anxiety, and more hours!

Register now to learn:

  • How we spend money differently
  • Manifesting with Flow
  • Increasing your sales conversions… with FLOW!

    Food In Flow

    Your FREE guide to eating your way to healthy periods!

    • A delicious guide, full of nourishing foods, recipes, and inspiring ideas. 
    • NO HUNGER, this guide encourages you to eat foods you love in new – in flow -ways!
    • Easy peasy, you don’t need to buy expensive ingredients or blenders that cost as much as my car.
      Endo flare checklist by stasha the period coach for managing endo pain
      Endo flare checklist by stasha the period coach for managing endo pain

      Smoothies In Flow

      Heya hottie,

      I’ve put together this easy-to-follow Recipe Book for you so you can confidently give your body and your WOMB exactly what they need throughout your cycle.

      These unusual smoothies are going to give you the nutrients and goodies you need to help in each phase of your cycle all month. These are easy to follow recipes with just a handful of ingredients each – and I’ll email you some sweet videos too to help get you going!

      Create Your Own Menstrual Ritual

      Create Magic & Pleasure Each Period!

      This guide is completely free and with it, you’ll create…


      • 6 Inspirational ways to create a ritual unique to you.
      • How to turn habits into meaningful, connecting rituals.
      • Learn to hear and decode the messages from your period.
      • Journal prompts to uncover resistance and create FLOW!

        Endo flare checklist by stasha the period coach for managing endo pain
        Endo flare checklist by stasha the period coach for managing endo pain

        Endo Flare Checklist

        Hey Fellow Endo Warrior,

        This checklist is here to help you through your next endometriosis flare…

        We are often left in the dark about what we can do to relieve our symptoms. And when we’re in the middle of a flare it’s even harder to think. 

        Well – no more! I’m Stasha The Period Coach (yes that’s me in the tub during a flare) and this is my survival guide. Inside you will find a checklist of ways to prepare for and manage your endometriosis flare. 

        It’s my gift, one #endowarrior to another. Want it?

        Sample: The Revolution

        Take a sneak peek inside my book and learn more about periods than you knew possible.

          Endo flare checklist by stasha the period coach for managing endo pain
          Endo flare checklist by stasha the period coach for managing endo pain

          New Kickstarter Book

          Focused on Business this book is going to be for those of you who have a biz, and a menstrual cycle.

          Filled with practical tips, tools, worksheets, think of this as more a cycle/biz syncing workbook with an expert guide to help you.

          Get on the waitlist and be the first to know when the Kickstarter opens!


          About Stasha Washburn

          It’s my life’s mission to end the taboo around menstruation. From little things like marketing to make us feel shame, to the multiple preventable deaths each and every year due to this taboo.

          I’ve dreamed of this summit for years. I’m so excited to show you a whole world you had no idea existed.

          I’m the Founder of Period Coaching School, author of The Revolution Will Be Bloody and Enter The Red Circle, and currently fundraising on Kickstarter for the world’s first Period Card Deck!

          Hormone Balancing Recipe Book

          A week of delicious hormone-balancing recipes that will help you to feel more comfortable and confident when you are starting to eat for your hormones. Also included is a sample meal plan and a grocery shopping list.

          This book is normally $9.97 but it is yours free with code PERIOD100

          About Katie Bressack

          Katie Bressack is an award-winning, board-certified holistic nutritionist who specializes in women’s hormonal health. With Katie’s support, the women she counsels prepare their bodies for pregnancy, increase energy levels, get their periods back and on track, lose weight, eat healthier and maintain a balanced mood.

          Katie runs a successful 1-on-1 coaching business and has group programs that have helped hundreds of women support their health and hormones. Katie believes every woman can feel healthy and vibrant by making the best nutritional and lifestyle changes that support their body in the best way possible.

          Red Tent Activation Meditation

          Receive DeAnna’s audio recording gift to nourish your Soul

          Awaken your cellular memories of the Red Tent…
          Let your Soul remember…
          Let your Bones remember…
          Let your Womanhood remember…
          Activate the Red Tent in you!

          About DeAnna L’am

          Fondly known as ‘Womb Visionary’ DeAnna began offering Menstrual Empowerment to women in the early 1990s. She has been on the leading edge of the global Red Tent Movement since its beginning and has trained women to hold Red Tents in over 30 countries.

          DeAnna brought Menstrual Empowerment work to Israel, her country of origin, helping Jewish and Palestinian women surpass political and religious differences by deeply bonding around their shared Cyclical nature.

          5 Things to Know Before You Begin Charting

          This eBook has been designed for anyone who is curious about charting or who wants to begin charting their menstrual cycle.

          Either way, if you are wanting to fall pregnant or avoid falling pregnant this eBook will give you the 5 most important things, I wish someone told me before I began charting!

          About Jess Dzierbicki

          Jess Dzierbicki is a certified Fertility Awareness Instructor with NFPTA teaching the Sympto-Thermal Method. Jess is based in Melbourne, Australia but holds consults online to people from all around the world. Supporting women who are wanting too or have recently stopped hormonal birth control and want to use Fertility Awareness as their natural birth control.

          Menstruality magazine

          Digital Menstruality Magazine

          Every month, My Club Red subscribers get access to a new issue of this exclusive one-of-a-kind menstruality magazine, but today YOU can download a copy of November’s digital menstruality magazine for yourself! Here’s a chance to peek behind the cover and really see what this magazine, and My Club Red, is all about.

          Would you like to unlock your cyclical superpower and discover your personal rhythms you may have not even been aware were at play in your life? What about getting a peek into the life of a menstruating CEO and the period experiences of others in our community just like you? Download this FREE issue today to dive deeper into these topics and so much more!

          About Elizabeth Tidwell

          Elizabeth first learned about menstrual cycle awareness through reading the book Wild Power by Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer of Red School.

          After reading the book, she first thought, “It’s time to remove my IUD and welcome back this normal, natural, important aspect of this phase of my life.” Next she thought, “Everyone needs to hear about this!” So she enrolled in Red School’s Menstruality Leadership Program and Lisa de Jong’s Menstrual Cycle Coaching & Facilitation Professional Training.

          She’s now creates a subscription box is to help us have a better experience on our period and foster a better relationship with them. The box will include a few items each month that give us permission to slow down. 

          cycle guidance card deck by Jennifer Lang<br />

          Cycle Guidance Oracle Card Spread

          Do you want to develop your intuition while getting to know your cycle better at the same time? Jen has created an Oracle Spread that intuitively works with your cycle. Do this card spread in the first 5 days of your cycle to give you guidance for the month ahead. 

          Jen has designed this spread to work with either a 4-Phase Cycle that starts with Menstrual or with Stasha, and she has also provided some guiding or journaling questions that you might want to use, too. 

          Get the Cycle Guidance Card Spread right here:’s 5-Phase Cycle that begins with Luteal. The card spread can be used with any oracle or tarot deck

          About Jennifer Lang

          Jen Lang guides people in business to tune into and align their inner voice so their outer voice can shine. Using voice, sound, words and movement, Jen works intuitively with the whole person, combining physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energies so they can confidently share their magic and message with the world.  

          Jen has combined her unique cross-modality expertise to create a unique and comprehensive experience for her clients. She has a Master’s Degree in Voice Performance from McGill University, is a Reiki Master, and a 3rd dan black belt in Karate. She is also a sound healer and intuitive channel.

          Jen’s clients have reported profound shifts in feeling more confident, overall wellbeing, and speaking their truth when working with her. Supporting people in developing their own intuitive skills is a cornerstone of her work and travels hand-in-hand with a person’s natural energetic cycle.

          cycle guidance card deck by Jennifer Lang<br />

          Break Up With Birth Control

          This free guide is for all those who wish to gently transition off of hormonal birth control without their period problems coming back.

          Learn how to…

          • replenish nutrients,
          • heal your gut,
          • support your liver to detox,
          • embody cyclical living, and
          • track your fertility signals.

          About Dana Drahos

          Hey there! I’m Dana, Creator and Host of the Wombology Podcast👋🏼⁣⁣
          It’s my belief that we don’t need to expel all this energy trying to overthrow the oppressive systems that have disempowered womben.⁣⁣
          Instead, we can spend that energy amplifying the voices of the womb healers, the medicine womben, the wise ones who hold the wisdom of herbal medicine, somatic healing, menstrual cycle awareness, fertility awareness method, etc. so that we all can take our power back.⁣⁣

          cycle guidance card deck by Jennifer Lang<br />

          Planner and Flow

          I am a massive fan of using technology! However, there is something very special about making notes on paper and then sitting open on my desk where it is in front of my face.

          Use this guide to make the most of your planner. In this guide discover:

          • 6 Elements Your Planner Should Include
          • My Top Planner Recommendations
          • Tips to Plan in Flow
          • Why Your Phone Calendar Should be Your Master Calendar
          • When Blocking Out Time Creates Flow

            Art for well-being, flow and creativity

            As humans I believed that we are meant to create something – and it can feel like life is missing a bit of pizazz when we stop making it a part of our lives. That might be baking, gardening, designing – or maybe that might be painting! 

            Come paint with me! These artworks are built to use gentle, repetitive motions to boost the meditative impact. Use some basic supplies and let’s bring some creativity into your week! 

                cycle guidance card deck by Jennifer Lang<br />

                About Sarah Wooden

                Hey there! I’m a Systems and Strategy specialist for small businesses, homeschooling mum of 2, an artist and a fellow spoonie. I have struggled with a whole list of chronic health conditions including Endo, PCOS and chronic fatigue. And burnout is a real risk when we are taught to FIGHT our cycles rather than find flow. 
                I’m a pretty typical INTJ – I LOVE building systems. It is my hope that this guide helps you love your cycle, rest more and keep up with your priorities each week. 

                cycle guidance card deck by Jennifer Lang<br />

                Menstruation ReWritten Journal Prompts

                Menstruation ReWritten is a place for menstruators and non-menstruators to rewrite their own, their communities’ and their next generations’ stories about menstruation.

                Grab your journal prompts and gain insight that you never even knew possible. 

                    About Kristen

                    Kristen is the host of the Menstruation ReWritten podcast, where menstruators and non-menstruators talk about their menstrual experiences. She enjoys supporting menstruators in knowing more about their own bodies and power and helping to reduce menstrual shame and stigma.

                    cycle guidance card deck by Jennifer Lang<br />

                    Womb Greeting Meditation

                    This FREE Womb Greeting Meditation to support you on your journey to communicating with your WombSpace. ​

                    This Meditation is around 6 minutes long, and you can repeat it as and when you want to connect with your womb 🙂

                        About Olivia Hickman

                        Olivia is the Founder of The New World Women Collective which supports women to create a life that feels good on the inside out.

                        Olivia is a YA Registered Yoga Teacher, Period Coach and Aura Mediator.

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