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Our Certified Coaches

Stasha Washburn

Founder of Period Coaching School –
Endo Warrior

Specialty: Endometriosis

Stasha is The Period Coach, the bloody kind not the grammar kind. Founder of the Period Coaching School, certifying coaches to incorporate menstrual cycles in their work, Stasha is also a dancer, cook, sword fighter, tai chi practicing, speaker, author, skateboarder, INTJ, foul mouthed, football loving, digital nomad. Basically pinning her down is nearly impossible. She’ll go anywhere as long as there’s a tea kettle and WiFi.

Kylie Bonnor

(she/her) Creatrix® Transformologist®

Specialty: Military and First Responders and families

A passionate, dynamic, award-winning presenter and gender difference educator, she provides tailor made personal and professional development and consultation to transform workplaces, organisations and individuals using easy to understand language and concepts around neuroscience, biology, epigenetics, trauma, wellbeing and emotional and mental health coming together within our PERFECT human design.

Laura Dick

Cyclical Business Mentor and
Systems Strategist

Specialty: Create hustle-free businesses

Laura is a cyclical business mentor and systems strategist who helps purpose driven, high achievers to ditch the hustle and create sustainable businesses.

With a blend of cycle syncing, systems, and planning, Laura’s approach to business allows her clients to focus their time and energy on the things that matter most, and get results without burning out.

Tiffany Compton

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Consent Educator, and Trauma-Informed Bodyworker

Specialty: Healthy Boundaries for Womxn, Sexuality, and Trauma Healing

Tiffany Compton (she/her/hers) is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Bodyworker, Energy Healer, Consent Educator, and Period Coach. She is also a student on her way to becoming a Somatic Sex Educator and Sexological Bodyworker. Tiffany loves her life as a queer, neurodivergent, pagan, perimenopausal woman who serves her clients in a trauma-informed, sex-positive, LGBTQ+ friendly, gender-affirming, kink-affirming, body-positive, shame-free space to explore their therapeutic goals.

Jane Hall

Psychic Medium, Energy Healer and Rapid Transformational Therapy Therapist

Specialty: Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)

Jane is a modern ‘witchy woman’ with a credible vibe who is passionate about helping women awaken and reconnect with their innate inner beauty. She provides intuitive coaching, Rapid Transformational Therapy, hypnotherapy, and multidisciplinary healing to women with hormonal imbalances. Jane journeys empathically with her clients in a kind, loving and supportive way helping them to feel empowered, confident, and worthy to live and enjoy a more purposeful life.

Barbara Kleeb

OBGyn, certified period coach, singer songwriter, polymath coach

Specialty:  Overcome traumas, find purpose, and progress into more powerful positions in work and life

Barbara is only happy if she can work with a variety of her talents. Her many gifts in the field of coaching, medicine, healing, natural health, fitness etc. lead her to connect to people like her, polymaths. She founded a community of like minded people who follow her in fortnightly meetings and webinars. She has a growing audience on LinkedIN. She helps her clients to mind blowing rapid transformations, overcoming traumas, finding their purpose, and progressing into more powerful positions in work and life, because polymaths have unique abilities for necessary understanding of complexity. She is thrilled to help them make the changes that are needed to make the world a better place.

Jess Dzierbicki

Fertility Awareness Instructor

Specialty: Clients wanting to come off hormonal birth control or recently have come off hormonal birth control and are looking for a natural method of birth control

Jess Dzierbicki is a certified Fertility Awareness Instructor with NFPTA teaching the Sympto-Thermal Method. Jess is based in Melbourne, Australia but holds consults online to people from all around the world. Supporting women who are wanting to or have recently stopped birth control and want to use FAM as their natural birth control.


Amy Taylor

Grounded Planning Specialist –
Coach and Mentor

Specialty: Planning and Organizing
with FLOW


Amy Taylor works with Home-Based Business owners to Design, Plan, and Create a Life they Love. Through online courses, group mentoring, and individual coaching sessions clients reclaim their focus, take deliberate action, and enjoy life to the fullest. With a love for challenging herself she has done Stand-Up Comedy, can solve a Rubiks Cube in under 2 minutes, and frequently does 1000 piece Jigsaw puzzles for fun.

Marieandré Pennington

Fertility Awareness Instructor and
Period Coach

Specialty:  PCOS and insulin resistance


Hello! If you are looking for someone to teach you fertility awareness and help you find blood sugar balance, you found your girl. I believe in the power of our ciclicity and that we deserve to feel good and I am here to help you get there.

Instagram: @la.primaroja

Email: marieandrepennington@gmail.com

Carmen Reyes

Specialty: Body literacy for health, and contraception

Holistic Women’s Health Coach, Period Coach, FEMM fertility awareness educator, and herbalist



Leah Fellers

Certified Fertility Counselor, Certified Period Coach, Certified Chinese Herbalist Counselor.

Specialty:  Helping clients with hormonal balance, remedy of the menstrual cycle, and achieving natural fertility.

Hello, I am Leah, when I am not serving individual clients I am working at midwifery clinic assisting women in childbirth. I have loved holistic health from a very young age and pride myself on  being a life long learner. My heart is to serve women from menarche through their childbearing years with love, compassion, and diligence. I would love to hear from you.



Sequoia Glastonbury

Specialty: Cycle awareness, Spiritual connection, Menstrual shame

Sequoia is a Mother, Witch, Shamanic Craftswoman, Menstrual Educator and Period Coach. She is the founder of The Wild Witch, a Teacher with the School of Shamanic Womancraft and a co-mother of NFP Hygieia Health. Sequoia holds the vision of the healed sisterhood and is dedicated to living in service to the Goddess.



Eli Blanco


Specialty:  I work with the dreamers, the digital nomad yearners that want to work less hours, make more money, and be their most healthy, beautiful and fulfilled self!

I help women get money, menstruate and move! The best forms of self-care. I do that through offering a fun and rewarding business opportunity of promoting exceptional, naturally based products while creating a healthy, beautiful and fulfilling life, in flow.

Jie Pu

Founder of HIIRLA. The world’s first certified Chinese period coach. Female comprehensive health coach. Author. Speaker

Specialty: Puberty education. Sex education. Cycle awareness

With the vision of promoting the period and reproductive health of women around the world and increasing their sense of happiness and security, I founded the HIIRLA brand of women’s health products. By providing safe and natural menstrual supplies and providing solutions to various menstrual and reproductive system problems for women at different ages. Every woman can spend her first period and her last period comfortably. At the same time to help eliminate global period poverty.



Jacqueline Rose

Specialty: Menstrual Cycle
Awareness Coach



I guide women to find the tools they need to find harmony with their cycle. Using a holistic approach I can help you balance your hormones and reduce PMS symptoms.


Tiffany Souhrada

Specialty: Planning and Productivity for menstruating entrepreneurs

Tiffany helps her clients channel the strengths of each phase of their cycle, find their productive flow, and embrace the consistency technology and automation bring to their business. She support clients as they build businesses that abandon the hustle and embrace what it means to live and work in flow.



Caroline Teugels

Specialty: Transformative Tantric Business Coach

Caroline is a transformative tantric business coach who has masterfully woven together traditional business principles with the ancient wisdom of tantra. Her approach to coaching is like no other, guiding individuals and organizations toward success by harmonizing their energy and focus with their goals.

Monifa Harris

Specialty: The Vocal Alchemist, I help singers, non-singers, & visionaries to increase impact w/o working harder.

Monifa Harris, Voice Confidence Coach is committed to helping the visionaries, waymakers and bridge builders to fully realize their vocal power and potential to make a big impact.

Paisley Rylance

Specialty: Conscious parenting and dance medicine

Paisley combines body movement, non-violent communication and cycle tracking to create a truly unique program to support parents who are raising will-full children. Using the combination to support parent’s mental health as they explore their conscious parenting journey. Whether you’re ready to break the cycle or are here to re-parent yourself, Paisley will walk beside you as you move into an undisturbed parenting journey.


Sarah Wooden

Online Business Manager +Systems Specialist

Specialty: Streamline, systemise and find flow in business. 

Sarah specialises in systems, automations and copyfor business owners ready to find more alignment, flow and ease in business.

Services include Coaching, VIP days, Business Management and ongoing support.

Daniella Princi

Specialty: Psychology through Consciousness; unify the heart & mind to create conscious leadership from within

I work holistically as a psychologist and mentor in consciousness and energetics, honouring my intuition and spiritual connection. My passion is supporting you in gaining a greater understanding of yourself- mind, body and soul- as well as the world around you; and to finally remember the magnificence of all that you are, and all that you hold within you…. … To remember that there is nothing more for you to seek outside of yourself; instead to remember and reconnect with your power and wisdom from within. Watching you grow from feeling “lost” and disconnected, to consciously aware, reconnected and transformed into the full expression of who you are, completely fulfills me I am truly honoured and humbled in your willingness to allow me to journey you back to you and your body’s wisdom.

Rasha Al Ashiq

Specialty: Rapid Transformational Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, ADHD and Period coach

I help parents with ADHD rapidly overcome their feelings of guilt, shame and regrets so they don’t pass those feelings to their children and can begin enjoying ease in their lives.


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