Hello, I’m Stasha

The Period Coach

Period Coaching School was founded in 2020 by Stasha Washburn.

Stasha is The Period Coach and started helping her friends with their troublesome periods back in the early 00’s. Enrolling at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition the first year they launched online she used the knowledge gained there coupled with those years of trying to figure out her own period troubles.

You see Stasha has endometriosis. This dis~ease causes so much pain it’s considered one of the most painful conditions in the world! This drove her to figure out what was going on, but unfortunately there’s very little research on endo to this day. The good news for you is that she ended up helping everyone around her!

Her testimonials folder is filled with women who credit her with saving their lives from PMDD and/or Endo suicide, saving their marriages, saving their sanity. While none of that was even on her radar when she started this work, she quickly realized this isn’t just something to empower people, it SAVES LIVES.

Stasha ran her own businesses as a cook with a pop up restaurant in Los Angeles, a Health Coach and Business Coach while creating and establishing her Period Coaching business. This gives her the very unique skill set required to create this school.

The world had no idea what a Period Coach was and she blazed the trail through thick forests. She took a lot of hate from people who thought this was “disgusting”. Many women told her to stop, that this wasn’t right, that no one wanted to hear about periods. But she wanted to hear about periods. And she knew so many others who did too… To that point that she was so well known for her expertise she couldn’t sit at the bar of her favorite spot in downtown LA without someone asking her a period question!

Stasha founded the Period Coaching School with the intention of it being a safe, inclusive, place for any coach to come and learn the power in periods. To prevent coaches from harming their clients through menstrual ignorance. To educate hundreds of thousands of people around the world on the importance and power in our periods!

Stasha loves the coaching industry. It’s the perfect bridge between doctors and people. It fills the gap, where people need help, attention, and TIME. Things that the medical and health professions just don’t have. She is passionate that this industry is desperately needed right now.

Period Coaching School is in its first years and growing rapidly. This school is the flagship for the Period Coaching industry. A wide open field of coaching that has just begun.

A wide open field that needs YOU! Join us, no matter what kind of coach you are if you work with menstruating clients, you need this information. There’s so many ways that we harm our clients when we don’t take their cycles into consideration. It’s such an easy problem to solve, and the answer is right here.

Be aware that this is an inclusive space. We believe transwomen are women, that black lives matter, that not all who menstruate are women, and not all women menstruate. We use the word woman to include all those who identify as woman, no matter their anatomy. Having a hysterectomy makes you no less a woman, so why discriminate against those not born with the anatomy it takes to menstruate?

This school welcomes anyone who is or wants to become a coach, man, woman, non-binary, etc – we assume you’re here because you have clients (or you yourself) menstruate and that you want to be a rock star coach who holistically helps your clients to their best success. We’re here to help you do just that! Not to judge or discriminate. Yes, you will learn to live a cyclical lifestyle in this school. Yes you will learn to run your business with flow – be that your literal flow or the moon. Yes this is good for all beings to be happy, healthy, and well!

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