Period Coaching School

Become a certified Period Coach, it’s never been more important than today.

Whether you are:

Ready to start your Period or Menstrual Cycle Coaching business, or integrating Period Coaching into your current practice…

Period Coaching School is here for you!

I sat with a birth client talking about endometriosis… she said “you know more in the 5 minutes I’ve talk to you than the last 5 doctors I’ve been to”. That’s Period Coaching.

Leah Fellers


80-90% of people who menstruate will have a hormonal imbalance!

That means your clients are working at less than full capacity, and no one knows it. You are the gatekeeper, the one who sees more in your clients than even they do. You have the ability to not only see the problem, but to help bring them back into balance.

Even worse? You could be doing damage, long term damage, and not even know it.

If you don’t know how our cycles work, the nutrition we need, the changes in energy and mental awareness, our strengths and weaknesses in each phase… well you don’t know what you don’t know!

It’s never been more important to have this knowledge. It can be a matter of life and death, let’s make a difference!


By far the most common problems, and one you will see in your clients over and over again.


and Adenomyosis affect a minimum 20% of us. It’s hell on earth, but doesn’t have to be.

Birth Control

Hormonal birth control isn’t the answer. Learn the alternatives, and help clients safely transition.

Eco Alternatives

Disposable culture has to end. Support your clients to adopt reusable products.


No matter what you coach if your client struggles, nothing else matters to them.


With 4 different types this affects around 10% of us. Learn to spot, and reduce the symptoms.


Better than all the Buzzfeed quizzes combined. Learn how to chart. More important than ever.


There’s so much more than seeing clients. Get the support you need to build  your biz.

Become a Certified Period Coach

Gain the understanding and confidence to create your dream business, one you can be proud of, today.

  • Provide this vital education to your clients and watch them bloom.
  • Grow your business with ease of flow,without adding more hours to your day.
  • Stand tall in your field as a leader.

Wide Open Field

My mission is to fill this open field with Period Coaches like you!

With so many people, having a huge variety of period problems, there’s an entire field of coaching that’s been born. It’s rapidly growing.

Most of our clients can be helped with food and/or lifestyle adjustments. Lead the revolution of what it means to bleed – it’s not dirty or shameful! No one has a birth control deficiency, they need a Period Coach.

They need YOU. 

Catching up this weekend on units and really enjoying them and can’t wait to begin to share these extra insights into our cycles with my clients. It’s pure gold. Thank you Stasha Washburn for this opportunity to learn about the menstrual cycle on so many different levels. I’m loving it.
Tracey Campbell

Be of service

To make positive, lasting, impact for your clients you’ll need:

Blood Drop – Understand the menstrual cycle, the power in periods!

Book – Learn, educate, strategize, and plan.

Waves – The Feminine. Dive into flow, practice daily, learn to receive and expand your capacity for pleasure.

Sword – The Masculine. Advocate and empower yourself and your clients!


Learn by Doing

This isn’t your typical course..

This isn’t going to be a lot of study and regurgitate for a test, learning nothing practical.

You will learn the art and science of the menstrual cycle. All the information you need to start seeing clients.

But that’s knowledge with nowhere to go. How do you get clients? How do you set up the back end of your business? How do you market? How do you make money?!

We’ll cover all of this, so you can start or grow your business, in flow of course! We’ll dive into your biz structure, your systems, how to market in a way that feels GOOD and make sales so you can make money doing something of VALUE.

We will go step by step. You’ll start easy, charting your own cycle, or the moon cycle if you aren’t menstruating. Then start anticipating, learning to plan for your cycles. The masterminds will help support you as you start to integrate what you’re learning and sharing, it’s a safe place to practice. You’ll learn and you’ll teach, it’s practicing and creating. Lastly you’ll have refined and will be ready to embrace your freedom and empower other women to theirs!

Achieve your goals

The only limit is your imagination

No matter where you are in life, if you’re into running your own business, and you work with (or want to work with) people who menstruate, this is for you.

Some examples:

  • Start a coaching business focused on a period based niche. A PMS coach, a menarche coach, a fertility coach, etc.
  • Integrate period coaching into your established business. It will help prevent you from making their problems worse unknowingly. And help you connect with your clients on a bio-individual level.
  • Combo your existing business with Period Coaching. A gut healing for endometriosis coach. A launch with flow coach. A diabetes and PCOS coach. The options are endless!

Together we WIN

We all deserve the freedom that comes with flow.

This school is a community. We support each other, witness each other, and work together!

Our blood is gold, as Lara Owen said in 1993. Let’s use our cycles to create meaningful success, and economical power.



Don’t just take my word for it.

Ready to join?

What’s included?

There will be pre-recorded content and past Guest Teachers you can watch at your own pace.

You’ll get full access to the School Facebook group.

Live calls every month, at different times so all time zones can join. Get answers, join discussions, and work together to build a better world.

Planning and Co-Working calls keep us moving forward and makes space for taking action.

Live Masterclasses

Incorporating Period Coaching, Green Menstruation, $, Marketing, Coaching Session Builder, Business Foundations.

Live MasterMind & Co-Working Calls

We will have multiple live Zoom calls every month for all time zones. 

Worksheets, lists, templates, etc

Freedom takes organization! Don’t fumble around for months or years, take these shortcuts!


You’ll always be able to ask questions. Our Facebook group is ‘open’ 24/7. This is where the school content will live.

Guest Teachers

Learn from the experts. People who have been doing womb work long before it was ‘acceptable’ as well as business experts.


You’ll always have access to the newest, up-to-date, content, even after you graduate!


You’ll be asked to present on a menstrual related topic of your choice. Strengthen your research and presentation muscles.


When you meet the requirements, you’ll receive your Period Coaching School certification!

Module 1

Learn to chart using your cycle and/or the moon cycle. This is essential to understanding the basics.

Module 3

Tap into our oldest sense, the sense of smell, to bring hormonal harmony to you and your clients. 

Module 5

From exercise to massage, the sense of touch is a major player in hormonal health. Learn movement for flow.

Modules 7, 8, 9 ,10

Focusing on business, learn to use the Menstrual, Follicular, Ovulation, and Luteal phases to your advantage. Work smarter, not harder.

Module 12

Incorporating Period Coaching. Learn to start these conversations. Discover how to address your clients needs, and really help them.

Module 14

Marketing Masterclass. We’ll dive into the different ways to market your Period Coaching business. Expand your reach, help more people.

Module 2

Learn how food affects cycles, and how to ENJOY bringing balance through our sense of taste. Skip deprivation, find pleasure here.

Module 4

How does our sight, and sense of hearing affect our hormones? Learn this and be shocked at the impact it makes.

Module 6

Tap into spirit. Learn to journal, meditate, dive into shadow work, and more to support our emotional and hormonal wellbeing.

Module 11

Business Foundations Masterclass. Learn the essentails to run a business that works for you. Get my templates, and a headstart.

Module 13

Coaching Session Builder. There are many ways to run a coaching session. Discover the best ways for you as a Period Coach.

Module 15

Green Menstruation. This class focuses on all the reusables, how they work, who they work best for, and why it matters.

Guest Teachers

Lisa Hendrickson-Jack

Author of The Fifth Vital Sign: Master Your Cycles & Optimize Your Fertility. Lisa teaches us about Fertility Awareness and to chart our cycles using Fertility Awareness Methods.

Katie Bressack

Award winning health coach specializing in women’s hormonal health. Katie shares with us ways to prepare our/clients bodies for pregnancy and increase fertility.

Archana Patkar

Currently working as an independent advisor on gender equality, participation and inclusion. As Head of Policy Advocacy and Operations in the UN I introduced menstrual hygiene management to service providers in several countries in Africa and Asia.

Holly Grigg-Spall

Author of “Sweetening the Pill: Or How We Got Hooked On Hormonal Birth Control” and consulting producer on the documentary inspired by her book, from the team behind “The Business of Being Born,” Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein.

Dr. Cara Quant

Dr. Cara Quant is an Internal Medicine Doctor and founder of Viva La Vulva an art exhibition driving change in the way female sexual health is perceived in society. She will share how to advocate for ourselves.


Ian Foster J.D.

In his 20 years practicing law, Ian Foster has worked with nonprofits, in private practice, and in the government. Ian pioneered the legal specialty of serving coaches/healers. He will share much needed legal help for our specialty of Period Coaching.

Odessa Thornhill

Postpartum Doula, RNP, N.D. Odessa is a Women’s Wellness Mentor, Natural Fertility Coach, Birth & Postpartum Doula having trained at Motherwit in Montreal. She dives into Cysts, Fibroids and PCOS with us.

Dr. Joy'El Ballard

Board-certified Gynecologist and author of Loving Me, Myself, & Her: Through Perimenopause & Beyond. She guides us through perimenopause and into menopause, what we need to know and how to make it easier.

Dr. Kristin Reihman

Board-certified family doctor, mother, and author with a special interest in complex, chronic, medically mysterious illnesses. Author of Life After Lyme: Revive Your Inner Rock Star and Achieve a Full Recovery. She shares her gut healing strategies.

DeAnna L'am

‘Womb Visionary’ and recognized world expert in Menstrual Empowerment, DeAnna is a pioneer of the Global Red Tent Movement. She shares stories and tips for bringing a Red Tent spirit to your work, or even starting your own Red Tent.

Algernon D'Ammassa

Actor turned Journalist, this multi awardwinning truth finder will join us to teach researching and writing. What qualifies as a source, how do you get to the bottom of an idea or theory? Find out.

Dr. Barbara Kleeb

A Period Coaching School Graduate, Barbara is a practicing OBGYN, singer, and polymath coach. She came back to teach anatomy – everything we were never taught about our reproductive system!

Monifa Harris

A voice confidence coach, Monifa is committed to helping the visionaries, waymakers and bridge builders to fully realize their vocal power and potential to make a big impact. And a PCS graduate!

Amy Taylor

Amy Taylor works with Home-Based Business owners to Design, Plan, and Create a Life they Love. She leads us through being the best most ethical coach we can be!

Meredith Canaan

Meredith is a heart-centered business coach who lets her True Colors Shine. She will be helping us creative visionary and Heart-Centered entrepreneurs increase our sales with FLOW!   

Mitle Southey

Mitlé teaches the teachers to remember the ancient practice of circles and reimagine them to hold transformational gatherings for their clients and communities in these times. She shares her best practices with us.

Dr. Lara Briden

Lara Briden is a naturopathic doctor and bestselling author of the books Period Repair Manual and Hormone Repair Manual — practical guides to treating period problems with nutrition, supplements, and bioidentical hormones.

Britta Wiebe

She is Co-founder & CEO of the first digital education platform about menstruation, cycle health and sexuality. She will be teaching us all about Menarche! The process of puberty and those early years.

Dr. Erica Davenport

Dr Erica Davenport is a board-certified OB/GYN at Waldorf Women’s Care. She has a special interest in fertility-preserving approaches minimally invasive surgery. She shares her wisdom on PCOS with us.

Heather Fleming

Heather is a recovering Type A nutritionist. Her education with a B.S in Nutritional Science and as a Certified Clinical Nutritionist she shares with us how to eat intuitively and in flow.

Laura Rose Gage






10 instalments of $247


2023 Full Price Access 

9 instalments of $333


Pay in full $2,997

For those that need an extended payment plan there’s 12 months for $250 option.

Your Business Your Flow alone used to be $1997.

Flow Freedom is $697.

Access to these incredible Guest Teachers $200-$500 per class with 14 already recorded and new live teachers this year…

You’re looking at way more than $2,997. I do my best to keep this as low cost as I can, there’s no punishment for choosing a payment plan. I believe very deeply that I can keep this priced low so more people can break out of the poverty cycle and make money AND keep food on my table too!

**If you use this program the odds are very good that you will make more money. It is a business growth program! I can’t make promises but I can tell you my clients have made more. Ask Jay Crisp Crow about her most profitable quarter after planning in flow with me.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

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BIWOC scholarship

We need more women of color doing this work.

When I tried to do a summit 7 years ago I could only find a few women of color to be guest experts. There weren’t a lot of people in this industry at all, hell, we weren’t even an industry then. The Year of The Period hadn’t happened yet!

As with my previous courses, I’m offering sliding scale scholarships for Black, Indigenous, Women of Color. If this is you, please sign up for the Application Call and let’s get you set up!

2021 Scholarship Sponsors:

LuckyB Scholarship – a full scholarship from Denise Duffield-Thomas

Love then Learn Scholarship – a partial scholarship from Meredith and Cap Canaan


This is NOT for you if:

  • Are looking for a pill to pop or a way out of taking responsibility for your own wellness.
  • Are looking for a strict to-do / to-eat / to-live list. Ultimately you’re learning to work with YOUR flow, and that extends to your clients.
  • You have no chill. Sorry, but this is a really amazing community and I won’t have it destroyed. Things may get delayed, or not work the first time. I’ll fix/replace anything that may not work immediately but yelling at me or bitching in the group won’t speed anything up. The number 1 rule: Don’t be a dick.
  • You don’t have menstruating clients, or you don’t want to work with menstruating clients.
  • You dislike period puns. 

I have irregular periods, will this work for me?

Absolutely. You may find that your periods become more regular doing this program!  

What if I can't be there live?

That’s ok. I get it, sometimes you just can’t. Expect to make class a priority on your calendar, if you can’t make it there will be recordings. Every time zone WILL have calls during their waking hours.

Will my business be good for Period Coaching?

I have yet to see a business that didn’t benefit from working in flow and working with clients in flow. If you’re unsure, let’s talk about it in the call you book below.

I have bad period problems, will I be able to do this?

Yes, and for the vast majority of people enrolling in this school will reduce if not resolve those problems.

What's your money back guarantee?

30 days. In that time if you decide this isn’t for you, just let me know. It helps me understand who this is and ISN’T for better. I’m not into taking hostages.

It's this going to take a lot of time?

It’s definitely going to take some time. Students say they take around 5 hours a week, of course during the course of the program you’ll learn to work in FLOW!