In this video you’ll learn:

  • How deeply Health Coaching and Menstrual Cycles are intertwined
  • The benefits of in flow coaching
  • The benefits for you as a coach
  • The harm you can avoid inflicting
  • and a special invite to apply for Period Coaching School

The Period Coaching School

Become a certified Period Coach. Learn to integrate menstrual cycles for your AND your clients’ continued success! Whether you are: Integrating Period Coaching into your existing practice or Creating your own Period Coaching business The Period Coaching School will make your business flow!

Period Coaching

If you’re interested in working with menstruation, this is the video for you.

Period Coaching is desperately needed. From problems like Endo, PMDD, Fibroids, etc… to pleasure like Red Tents, green menstruation, fertility, libido, ritual, etc… we need you!

Business Coaches

If you’re a Business Coach and you have clients that menstruate, this video is for you.

Learn how Period Coaching is a must for your business, and how you can start today.

Relationship Coaches

If you’re a Relationship Coach, and one or more of the couples/clients you work with are menstruating, this is the video for you.

Learn how your clients cycle can have everything to do with their relationship success, and how you can start today.