Interested in Menstrual Coaching?

Mar 17, 2022 | Uncategorized

Hi, I’m Stasha, the Period Coach. If you’re interested in learning more about period coaching, also known as menstrual coaching, you’re in the right place. Menstrual coaching is a brand-new field of study. It’s just at the beginning stages, and it’s an exciting place to be when you realise what it can do in the world. Here are some of the ways menstrual coaching can have an impact.

Relieve period problems

Firstly, menstrual coaching can relieve period problems. 90% of menstruators will have a hormonal imbalance at some point. That’s an enormous percentage of the population. As menstrual coaches, we can relieve their problems, relieve their symptoms, relieve their pain, and relieve their traumas. This is huge! But the impact goes way further than that.

Girls’ education

Studies have shown that women tend to spend their money on education, community services, on things that build up the community. Getting more money in the hands of women will transform the world for the better. It will transform on a community level, national level, and global level. How do we get more money into the hands of women? It starts with education.

A lot of girls don’t finish high school because they start menstruation. They can’t go to school anymore because they can’t afford period products, or because it’s too shameful, or because they’re not okay. They’re not well and they don’t have the resources or support they need. It’s a big problem, a lot bigger than you would think, and it’s happening in your own backyard! We need to make girls’ education a priority globally

One of the non-profits that my business supports is a business that specifically gets menstrual education and products into the hands of girls so that they can go to school and graduate. It’s a big deal. 

Green Menstruation

We need to reduce the reliance on single-use disposables and increase the reuse options. 

Single-use menstrual products are one of the most disposed of products – second only to diapers. It’s an enormous issue and it contributes to global warming. We need to change it. And this is where menstrual coaching can make a difference. The more we learn, the more we expand, the more we talk, the more we educate, the more people are going to jump on board the green menstruation train and the better we as human beings will be for it. 

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As we’re out there advocating for our clients and for ourselves, we are going to get more research. Doctors are going to request it as more and more patients start asking questions. More people will advocate for research and more funding will go to research of menstruation and all of the problems that go along with it. We need to push for research and we as a global community of menstrual coaches need to help share that research. It’s a two-way street. The more we advocate, the more research will be done. The more other countries do it, the more ours will, and vice versa. So, globally, it’s going to have a huge impact.

Being a Menstrual Coach

When you’re working with your clients, your clients are going to have an end to symptoms. You’re going to end the symptoms, for yourself and your clients, which is going to create a lot of peace. Your body will settle and you’ll feel better. Your stress hormones, all of the nervousness and anxiety, will start to settle down as your symptoms start to reduce or eliminate completely. 

When you understand your fertility You’ll experience a sense of peace in the body, and increased confidence. When you know you’re ovulating today, and you know that tomorrow you’re not going to feel as awesome because your testosterone is going to come down, you can move forward positively because you understand what’s happening in your body. You’re not wondering if you’re sick. You’re not wondering why you’re a failure. You’re not wondering what’s wrong with you. You understand your hormones have shifted and then it’s not a big deal.

You’ll improve your clients’ lifestyles by learning this information and helping to relieve their symptoms. 

And the spillover effect happens in other areas of their lives. I joke that I’ve never technically been a relationship coach, but I’ve saved marriages. Menstrual coaching improves relationships. The more you know about your body, the more you understand what’s going to happen today and what it’s going to feel like tomorrow, the more you can communicate with other people, the better your relationships are.

Instead of being in reaction mode, putting out fires all the time, you are in action mode, creating the life that you want. Your clients are going to be able to do that too. Find yourself living a life in flow. and showing the world what it’s like.

You’ll gain a thorough and comprehensive knowledge on the menstrual cycle and the gateways into it, through it, and out of it. You’ll have community and support. 

And of course, you’ll have a business in flow whether you’re cycling or not. You’ll understand that there’s a time to work and there’s a time to rest. A time to do visuals and graphics and a time to do talking and auditory. There are different times for different parts of your cycle, whether it’s menstruation or moon. And you’ll learn their superpowers, and apply that knowledge to your business so that you don’t have to be overwhelmed, burnt out, taken out. You don’t have to go down that path that most business owners do because you’ll know better, right from the start. 

Let’s create flow. Easy, lovely flow for everyone. Freedom and independence because you’re not reliant on other people.. Let’s bring people together and have conversations and public ventures and really be in community. Our blood is gold and it’s time we start treating it that way. Let’s reclaim what is ours, our blood, our power, our wealth and let’s bring it back together for everyone. And it is to everyone’s benefit. 

If you want to create something that’s new and unique this is an industry to do it in. There’s an infinite number of niches. You could specialize in Lyme disease and endometriosis, or maybe in diabetes and PCOS. There are certainly complex issues that you can dive into. You could be a PMDD coach through past life regression therapy. You could be a PCOS coach for psychics. There’s an endless number of different ways.

The Period Coaching School

I invite you to join The Period Coaching School and be part of this exciting emerging menstrual coaching industry. You’ll find a supportive community of like-minded women to brainstorm and network with. We have an array of guest teachers who come in and share their wisdom and experience, like Lisa Henderson-Jack talking about the Fertility Awareness Method and Katie Bressack who specialises in hormonal health. 

In The Period Coaching School, we learn by doing, and you’ll learn to chart and observe.  And whether it’s your menstrual cycle or the moon cycle that you’re going to use as your anchor for your cyclical living, you’ll practice it on yourself. The mastermind will help support you as you start to integrate what you’re learning and sharing, and it’s a safe place to practice. You’ll learn and you’ll teach, practice and refine.

Book in a call with me here and let’s talk. I’ll answer all of your questions and we’ll know if we’re the right fit.

Let’s be the change.

Stasha washburn founder of the period coaching school for menstrual coaches