Mastering Mindset and Motivation Across Your Cycle

Jun 6, 2024 | Uncategorized

As coaches, freelancers, and business owners, we’re all too familiar with the rollercoaster of mindset and motivation. One week, we feel invincible, ready to conquer the world. The next, we’re overwhelmed and on the brink of giving up. But here’s the thing – it’s not just about willpower or changing our mindset; it’s about understanding our cycle.

Our menstrual cycle isn’t just about periods; it’s a predictable rhythm that impacts our emotions and energy levels. Instead of viewing mindset and motivation through the lens of toxic masculinity – pushing through at any cost – let’s tap into the power of our cycle to find flow and desire.

Redefining Willpower: It’s About Desire

Willpower isn’t about forcing ourselves to achieve goals relentlessly. It’s about understanding our desires and aligning our actions with them. Rather than bullying ourselves into action, let’s cultivate a sense of purpose and passion in our work.

Luteal Phase: Understanding Blocks

During the luteal phase, characterized by a decrease in testosterone and estrogen, we may experience a sudden dip in motivation and confidence. It’s crucial to recognize that it’s not a personal failure but simply a hormonal shift. Take this time to identify what’s blocking you – whether it’s money, visibility, or fear of success or failure.

Deep Luteal Phase: Navigating Challenges

The deep luteal phase can be particularly challenging, with hormonal fluctuations leading to mood swings and anxiety. If you struggle during this phase, prioritize self-care and be gentle with yourself. It may not be the best time to tackle mindset blocks, especially if you’re dealing with tough period problems.

Menstrual Phase: Unleashing Insight and Inspiration

The menstrual phase is a time of insight and inspiration. Tap into your “why” – why are you doing this work, and what’s holding you back? Journal, meditate, or seek support to unravel any mindset blocks and ignite your passion for your business.

Follicular Phase: Taking Action

As you transition into the follicular phase, assess how mindset blocks are manifesting in your business. How can you create a workspace that inspires you? Reflect on your childhood passions and incorporate elements that bring you joy and motivation into your work environment.

Ovulation Phase: Seizing Energy and Opportunity

During ovulation, harness your peak energy to tackle mindset challenges head-on. Track your energy levels and use this time to set goals, make changes to your business, and overcome resistance. Document your insights for future reference.

Tools for Transformation: Energy Work and Progress Art

Energy tools like EFT tapping, affirmations, and visualizations can help dissolve mindset blocks and shift your perspective. Progress art – visually tracking your goals – can also motivate you to take action, even on challenging days.


Navigating Money Blocks: A Gentle Approach

Money blocks can be overwhelming, but it’s essential to approach them with gentleness and understanding. If traditional money tracking feels daunting, try tracking other metrics like sign-ups or marketing actions. Use this gentler approach to uncover deeper insights into your relationship with money.

By embracing the ebb and flow of our menstrual cycle, we can master our mindset and motivation in business. Let’s create a work environment that honors our natural rhythms and empowers us to thrive, not just survive.