Black indigenous Women Of Color Scholarship

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Women of Color have a harder time than anyone setting up a business, let alone doing this incredibly important work. Let’s help them, so they too can help end the taboo.  

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Underserved communities

There are so many communities that have no access to this information. This shouldn’t be some secret. Especially if you don’t have as much access. Getting an education on your cycle, fertility, access to reusable products, these make a significant difference in everyone’s life. It’s a big deal.

finding diversity

When I did my first summit in ohhh 2015? I had a very hard time finding women of color to speak. The menstrual movement hadn’t really begun, this was so taboo I was still getting hate comments on most of my posts. It was clear that more diversity was needed and I’ve had a BIWOC – Black Indigenous Women of Color – scholarship ever since.

Certified Period Coaches

Using the scholarship these coaches got their certification! Shared with permission.

Sudiksha Joshi

From Nepal

Marieandre Gonzalez

From Guatemala

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You’ll be listed in the Scholarship section of the website. You can choose to be listed by name, and/or business.

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I send out fun stickers and flat extras with the certificates after graduation. If you want to add to the swag you can!


The world will know that you support this desperately needed education, and global impact!

Our Mission

The coaching world has the unique opportunity to fill the gap between doctor and patient. Unfortunately everyone has ignored menstrual cycles. This changes with us. This school helps people create Period Coaching business from the ground up. One of it’s kind we teach our students all about menstrual cycles, business -with flow of course- and help support our students success even after they graduate!